Consignments for auction

Sales terms for VF-auktion.

VF-auktion holds 3 auctions during a 4-week period.

Every 4th week (always on tuesdays) we hold a MONTHLY AUCTION of single stamps, letters, postcards, philatelistic literature, collections, boxes, larger lots etc. - anything that's relevant to offer at a stamp collectors auction.

Every 2nd week (always on tuesdays) we hold a WEEKLY AUCTION of single stamps, letters, postcards and items that can fit onto a double-A4 board.

VF-auktion sells around 7500 lots during every 4 week cycle (spread over 3 running auctions).

Before the auction.

a) Consignment

Consignment of stamps for auction can be done at our auction house on Stamholmen 157. 2nd floor, 2650 Hvidovre, Copenhagen area.

Seller is given a receipt upon consignment.

Consignments can also be delivered to us via mail, courier etc.

Consignments are carefully examined and appraised. The appraisal is an estimate of the expected hammer price and is based on earlier sales of the same stamp/collection etc. Actual winning price can therefore be higher.

For MONTHLY AUCTIONS a consignment must have a minimum total appraisal of 1.500 DKK with an average appraisal of 350 DKK per lot (minimum starting price 100 DKK) and for WEEKLY AUCTIONS an average appraisal of 150 DKK per lot (minimum starting price 50 DKK).

We continuously accept consignments for upcoming weekly and monthly auctions.

b) Description

After recieving consignments, VF-auktion writes up a description of the lots.

When the auction is presented on the website, seller will recieve descriptions of the consigned lots along with their allocated lot numbers in the auction.

c) Inspection.

Lots for sale in our MONTHLY AUCTIONS can be inspected at our facilities on Stamholmen in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, during the 4 days leading up to the auction.

Lots in our WEEKLY AUCTIONS are not offered for inspection since all materials are photographed and presented on the website.

During the auction.

d) Running of the auction.

During the online auctions, seller can follow all bidding and sales on our website

No lot will be sold for less than the starting price.

After the auction.

e) Settlement, fees etc.

5 weeks after the auction, seller will receive an email (or letter) with the results of the sale. Sale prices, with our fees deducted, will be transferred to sellers bank account. Prior to settlement, seller must have registered his/her banking information with VF-auktion. This is usually done along with the consignment.

For sales, we calculate our auction fees as follows:

For MONTHLY AUCTION: a 15% fee of the hammer price and no consignment fees. No fees are taken for unsold lots.

For WEEKLY AUCTION: a 10% fee plus a consignment fee of 10 DKK per entered lot, both sold and unsold. For repeat lots only 5 DKK per lot, both sold and unsold.

f) Unsold lots.

If a lot is not sold during the auction, then seller can request VF-auction to offer the lot for sale at a following auction - in which case, at a lower appraisal.

Unsold lots from a MONTHLY AUCTION are never re-introduced at the next following auction, but rather at the 2nd following auction.

Unsold lots from a WEEKLY AUCTION are typically re-introduced at the 4th following auction.

If you have questions about us or our auctions, please call us on phone# +45 36 16 00 84 or write us via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.